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Account Types

In visma.net, a new term appears that may be unknown to most people. Account types are a way of categorizing pay codes in order to link them to a common account. Many types of wages may have the same account (eg fixed salary, hourly wage, overtime, etc.) and instead of linking the same account to all these pay codes, one can associate the account with an account type that is common to all pay codes. This will make it easier to maintain your account records since you only need to change the account type on the account. Updating of wage types that are linked to the current account type then happens automatically.


Employees/ settings / Account types
All account types must be linked to the correct account before the first pay run, to ensure that every transaction are posted towards the correct account a set of standard account types
are already inside the system. If the customer has chosen a default accounting standard, the accounts will also be available automatically linked to an account type.
To link the account type to the correct account, you can click on the individual account type, then you will reach this window:
Now you may click "Edit" to edit this account type.

Name: You can change the name of the account type if you wish.

Account: Select account from the main ledger accounts previously entered under Employees / Settings / Accounts.
Version valid from: Enter a new start date for the version to be valid if it is to apply from a particular date. If it is to apply back in time, do not specify a date.
Delete this version: You can choose to delete the version of the account type you are on. Please note that this may result in retroactive changes in time, if the account type is used. 



If you set the change date back in time, before the last paycheck was approved, this will result in re-calculation of the transactions on the accounting report for the next pay run. If you use the "Delete this version" button, the account type will be returned to the previous version, and will result in recalculation of transactions on the accounting report for the next pay run.


We recommend that all account types are linked to an account even if they are not in use, in case you start using the account type at a later date. The consequence of not linking an account to an account type is that the accounting document becomes incomplete if you use a salary type that is linked to this account type. The account types 32410, 32420 and 32430 (Travel expenses, not mandatory with different VAT rates) are without an account even if you have chosen the default chart of accounts. These must therefore be linked to an account manually.