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How to restore Mamut Database (offline) with Mamut Business Software

av suvinvijaym



I have received database (with the extension of *.mbsb format. ) extraction from mamut to be able to use with Mamut Business Software. I am really stuck at a point to not sure how to connect the database. I have found an option says restore backup in mamut business application but it did not go through well and ended up by error ""Create Database Permission denied in database "master".




Below are the pre-requisites installed on the computer.


# SQL Express 2017

# Mamut Business Software.


Are we missing any other tools to connect the database with Mamut app ? can anyone guide us please.

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Gary David

av Gary David (Oppdatert ‎23-06-2024 07:36 av Gary David )

It sounds like you need to ensure that the SQL Express 2017 instance has the correct permissions to create databases. Make sure your SQL Server has the appropriate permissions set up and that your user account has the necessary rights. For more detailed guidance, visit https://spiralsips.com/ for comprehensive support.


av MaciejA (Oppdatert ‎21-06-2024 14:16 av MaciejA VISMA )



Please contact Mamut support, you will find the contact details here :


If any errors appear when restoring the backup, please send a screenshot by e-mail to support@mamut.com