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Invoices from period where VAT Report was not done

av EduCubeAS


I have two different questions regarding the End of Year Report

  1. I have a shop which I opened on Novemeber 2018 (but the business was registered in February 2018). I started Buying products from suppliers in October 2018 ( to resell). I started sales in Novemeber and 50,000 Nok in December 2018. I have done VAT report for Novemeber -December 2018. But nothing was reported for the time before. How do I handle this now please. I am not sure if I can do the VAT report for time before November.
  2. I noticed that most of the Bank transactions in November and December  (for the supplier invoices) have been entered manually ( I got an accounant to do the VAT report but she just added them manually without matching to the invoices, but the amounts are correct and match the bank transactions). So the few invoices have been just corrected with manual entry instead matching with transactions.   

so my question, can I unmatch the registered cash transactions and then enter purchase invoice again and match them?.  But as the VAT report was done for NOV and Dec will it affect that, if it affects, what do I do about it please?

When entering some invoices, the total amount has been entered under one account instead of separating the VAT amount, for ex- Rent for office is 12,500 - 10,000 (rent) and 2,500 (VAT), but it is entered as 12,500 under ledger account Leie Lokaler. How do I correct this please, If I correct this does it afftect the VAT report and how do I fix it.


Thanks in advance

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Kaj Sjursen Kleveland

av Kaj Sjursen Kleveland

Hi, Vijaya.


1) The program works so that one cannot create VAT report back in time as long as there are VAT reports registered. So what you have to do is undo it for NOV-DEC and create the VAT report you are going to register. You can create them locally in the program, without sending it to Altinn if desired.

2) You can do that, it's the most correct way to do it. If the bank transaction has the status OK, you can press undo matching to undo this journal entry. This can change the VAT report when invoices that are as unpaid and they are registered as paid, so you should be aware of this. So please check the VAT reports after this has been done


Med vennlig hilsen : Kaj Sjursen Kleveland | Community Manager