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Ruben Hansen3

Rettigheter eAccouting

av Ruben Hansen3

Dette er også registrert som support sak [Ticket 303740] - Re: Customer access to eAccounting





We have problems with limiting customers' access to eAccounting.

1 June 2017 at 10:36

We need to be able to grant customer read access to all, and create sales invoices and reminders, and approve supplier invoices.

- When we grant customer "Read only" access, the customer is still able to post and book supplier invoice.
- When we grant customer "Limited" access, there seems to be no difference in access from "Read only".
- When we grant customer "Sales" access, customer looses access to everything but Sales.

Which do we need to choose to ensure customer cannot book, but only make sales invoice and approve supplier invoice for payment.

From contextual help in eAccounting:


Working in a company with multiple users, it can be necessary to use permissions. Permissions prevent any interference with your integration with Visma eAccounting or can be used to limit what parts of the program employees can access.

Under Settings - Permissions users with Full control can change permissions in Visma eAccounting for other co-workers working in the program.

There are four different levels of permissions in the program:

Read only Gives the user the ability to read and print anything in the program. The user is not authorised to change any data.

Limited Gives the user the ability to read and print anything in the program, create sales and purchase invoices and create VAT reports.

Sales Gives the user access to only the sales part of the program. The user is not authorised to register payments for sales invoices or send reminders.

Full No limitations control

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Linn Østensen

av Linn Østensen

Hei, Ruben.


Viser til mail jeg sendte deg, men jeg legger også ut svaret her, da det kan være flere som har bruk for dette 🙂


Ønsker deg en fin dag videre!


Read only:
- The user will be able to upload source document images, but not post anything to the ledger.
- The user will be able to Start Tax Return and save changes if this additional service is added to Visma eAccounting.
- The user is able to do print outs (reports, invoices etc.)


* Cannot create new VAT report, but
- Can create sales documents (quotes, orders, invoices)
- Can create new customers and articles
- Can create purchase invoices, save them as drafts or post to ledger, and they can also approve the ones that are saved as drafts
- Can create new suppliers
- Upload source document images, but not post anything to the ledger
- Create new bank and cash transactions, but not match them/post to ledger
- Can Start Tax Return (same as with the Read onlu access, under Accounting - End-of-year checklist)
- Can create a new bank/cash account under Settings - Cash and bank accounts
- Can change start/end date on fiscal years, but cannot edit the opening balance
- Can create projects and cost centers
- Can create fixed assets, but will not be able to make a depreciation entry, sell or dispose of the fixed asset
- Can do print outs (same as with Read only access)
- Can create sales categories, fixed assets category, article labels and customer labels.
- Can export and import under Settings


In the menu, the customer will have access to:

- Sales: Quotes/Orders (if you have this additional service), Sales invoices, Webshop orders if your eAccounting is synced with a Webshop, Customers, Articles, Projects

- Settings: Article labels and Customer labels

Linn Østensen
Visma Mamut support

Gi gjerne en "like" om du synes svaret var nyttig og "Godta som løsning" hvis jeg besvarte spørsmålet ditt. Dette hjelper andre i Community 🙂