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I was wondering what the difference are between following account numbers:






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Account 4060 and 4810 are similar accounts, so here you decide to use one of the accounts. While account 4860 is an account for shipping fee


4060 Shipping, customs and forwarding, raw materials
(costs such as shipping, customs and forwarding in connection with the purchase of goods)


4810 Shipping and postage required, purchase of goods
(If you buy an item from a supplier who sends it by post or courier, there is often a shipping and / or postage fee. You can use this account if you want to separate this cost from the actual item purchase that you post to a 4xxx account.)


4860 Exp. fee free, purchase of goods
(Posting the handling fee on the supplier's invoice that does not contain VAT can be entered in this account. The handling fee can be a cost the supplier charges for sending goods or invoices to it.)


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