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Ferie penger til temporary ansatte

av EduCubeAS

Hi Jørn,


I have an AS business, it a shop. we have 16+ year olds working in the shop on basis of hours.

They get hours depending on their availbility.

1. How much feriepenger do we give please, is it 10.12% ?

2. When choosing to pay the feirepenger, there are different options 

option1 -Holiday allowance last year - ferriepenger ,fjoråret

option 2- Holiday allowance last year without employers tax - ferriepenger ,fjoråret, uten arbedisgiveravgift.


which one do I choose please.


Thank you




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av Anonymous



In Norway, we have 2 rates for holiday pay.

The statutory holiday pay rate is 10.2%, and for companies with a collective agreement, state and local authorities must spend 12%.


Then there are very many private companies that have followed suit and pay holiday pay of 12%


In Visma eAccounting you have at the start chosen holiday pay rate either 10.2% or 12%


So when you pay holiday pay, you use the salary type Holiday pay last year, then the holiday pay comes up automatically.


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