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Is it allowed to pay for food tax free?
For example in case chairperson will meet with businesspartners. Can he pay for partners food only or also his own food?

What is the limit?

But in case he is travelling and he recieves daily allowances - can he pay for his food in this case aswell? What is he limit?

On whichh accounts in Visa eAccounting I should record these costs?

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If you have a meeting with external companies (customers) you can cover food up to NOK. 420, - (but not Sprit) Cost is entered in account 7350 Representation, deductible


Is the amount above kr. 420, - or liquor on the bill, the cost is entered in account 7360 Representation, not deductible


Invoice / receipt must always be written on who has participated (company and name)


If employees are traveling you can cover food and travel expenses by receipt or invoice, and the cost is entered in account 7140 Travel expenses, not mandatory

If your employees receive a diet, do not cover food receipts.


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