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New business tax card and income related question.

av RutaC

I have a sole proprietorship and I have so far made few sales. However my start-up costs and expenses currently still exceed my income. Now in December I (as a private person) needed to hand in my Tax Card information. In the fields to fill out there was a section about business and the income it generates. Do I have to fill in any numbers in those fields if I haven't actually gained an actual income so far (although I have incoming money to my account)?

Thank you in advance for the help!

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av Jørn Karlsen



This form is with the Tax Administration I would think.


Then I must ask you to contact the Tax Administration, which answers such questions.


Hvis du synes dette innlegget besvarte spørsmålet ditt med en god løsning, vennligst trykk "Godta" som løsning 🙂 Dette hjelper både oss og andre brukere i Community 🙂

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