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har glemt å registrere faktura i 2015


I have realized i have forgotten to register all the give aways we were running as part of julekalendar in 2015. The year is closed now. Can I just add the fakturas with December 2015 dates or is there anything else i should do?



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Re: har glemt å registrere faktura i 2015

Hello Anne


Assume that you had stocktaking pr. 31.12.2015. And that you then got a discrepancy in your inventory, you will believe that you have been led deviation (which can also come from these products). So possible it is led by changes in inventories.


Since 2015, the closed and finished, you must do this in 2015, but the date in 2016.


With best regards

Visma Mamut

Jørn Karlsen


Re: har glemt å registrere faktura i 2015

Thank you Jørn.

Just to clarify.

Regarding recording - do you mean i should put "invoice date" 2015 and "payment date" in 2016? Any chance you could write an example?


Regarding invenntory - I did have a stocktaking at 31.12.2015 but i have been unable to find where in Visma i could record it. I have asked technical support over the phone and they could not help me. That resulted in the year closing with enormous "loss" which is not really correct since we have the stock. 

Regarding stock - I was going to make a separate post about it not to mix 2 issues together hovever this is closely tied together. Are you saying that there is a way to record the stock with the cost prices in the system? The tech support i called told me i can not. This makes me wonder if we are using the right for us accounting programme. As of today i can not see in VISMA if the company started bringing profit or not. I have products with sales prices in the system, but since we have distribution B2B and online stores each product has 2 prices and it is impossible how many pieces will be sold for which price. That means that in addition to VISMA eAccounting i have to have manual book keeping on the side to calculate the proft and i am puzzled as the year end approaches, how am i going to make sure that this years tax papers we have to submitt to skatt will be correct as i assume last years were missing the inventory part.


Do you have any sugestions? I tried your thursday chat option but not only its nearly impossible to get thru. When i finaly got a consultant online one one of the questions that was quite straight forward he could not answer because it was "too complicated" (you have answered it in one sentence) and the 2nd one he was unable to answer because he "didnt remember"... 


Re: har glemt å registrere faktura i 2015



I eAccounting er det ikke lagerstyring, må alle vareinnkjøp for videresalg bokføres i konto klasse 4 (konto 4000 til 4999)


Når du foretar en varetelling, og kommer frem til riktig lagerverdi må du lage et manuelt korrigeringsbilag:


Debet 1460 Innkjøpte varer for videresalg 

Kredit 4390 Beholdningsendring, vidersalg 


Neste gang du gjø varetelling sørger du for at saldo på konto 1460 Innkjøpte varer for videresalg, stemmer med varetellingen og motkonto 4390 Beholdningsendring, vidersalg


Unless this was done for the year 2015 and you must post this in 2015, and to submit amended tax returns to tax authorities.


Advise you to contact the tax authorities and submit your research for those before you do it.


With best regards

Visma Mamut AS

Jørn Karlsen