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opening balance on account 2710

av EduCubeAS


I We started the business in  (august 2018 and sales in october 2018),

so we had some invoices of products like hardware and renovations for business in August and september.

But as we reached the 50k sales in Nov, our accounant only did tax for Nov and Dec 2018, and also the year ending report.


Now the problem is when I look at 2710 in Jan 2019 and we see that there is and opening balance on account 2710 in the Ledger  of 13000 nok.

should this amount be zero?

how do I fix it please

This has continued through the 2019, so not sure how to handle this.



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av Anonymous


Amounts entered in account 2710 Incoming VAT high rate before you became liable for VAT are incorrect.

So that it needs to be corrected.



Go to account 2710 Incoming VAT High rate, find the vouchers that are entered there.


Click on action on each document. check account 2710, then add new account. So that the VAT amount is also entered in the cost account.


If you have closed the accounts for 2019, the amount must be entered in its entirety out of account 2710, against a cost account now in 2020.


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