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Work location in projects

av Anonymous



When creating a new project, work location is available in region (county). I need to find a simple and easy way to add work location at city-level which also can be pulled into a report. Any suggestions anyone?


Kind Regards



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av Anonymous

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av anna_swic

Hi Anders,


You can add the location when you create a vacancy in  "Create Vacancy / Advertisement" step. If you use this option, location will be visible for candidate but you will not be able to get in any report.


If it is necessary for you to get this in report, I would advise you to use "Job Categories". YOu can find it under "Settings" and you can dedicate one of those three options and add cities. If your company is using XML- feed to show vacancies on your webpage, you just need to inform them about it so they can show it on your webpage.


If you use our solution to show vacancy list and vacancy to candidates you will have to add both locations (to make it visible for the candidate)  and add use Job categories- to get necessary reports.


Have a nice day!



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