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Creating an editable voucher through the Visma e-accouting API

by Kassor

A week or so ago i posted the question Creating vouchers with a custom VoucherType, where I got the answer that all vouchers created through the API are of type "Sieimport".


What I would like to do is create an editable voucher through the API, in the same way as vouchers created though the UI are editable.


The reason why we would like to be able to do this is beacause the iZettle integration today is too limited for us. We are therefor creating a private integration which is suppose to import sale reports by day, associate them with the relevant profit center (resultatenhet in Swedish) and mark them with a custom project, say "unhandled-izettle-sale", for manual validation and project association. We are currently not able to automate this last step.


Due to transparency regulations within the organization, we are required to report these detailed sales figures through our bookkeeping and this is currently a manual process we are trying to remove.


So the question is; Is it possible to create an editable voucher through the e-accounting API? If not, is there any other API you can guide me towards though which I can accomplish the same thing?

Accepted solution
Anour Hannouch

by Anour Hannouch


I see that you want to:

make a POST request to the voucher endpoint (possible to do via the POST Vouchers endpoint),

make a PUT request/edit the voucher via an endpoint as well (not possible, no endpoint for that)


and you wanted to add a project to those vouchers (possible via the projectid property on the voucher endpoint).



We could request a PUT endpoint for the voucher endpoint from our developers - you will be able to add and edit vouchers.




We could request a PUT request to customerledgeritemwithvoucher endpoint, which is similar but not the same. This endpoint creates an item in the sales module (invoice).


But if I understood the first solution is better for you.



Creating a request:

You can make a request under the "Ideas" tab, or press HERE.


by Kassor

Thanks for your response. I do not want to edit the voucher through the API, but through the e-accounting UI, but it's otherwise a good recommendation.


The issue I had was that the project and costCenter was locked for editing when creating the voucher through the API. This turned out to be a limitations which only applied to accounts locked for manual editing, even though it's is possible to modify these fields for locked accounts within manual vouchers.


After testing with a different set accounts, it works as I would like and the project as well as the cost center are editable for the imported vouchers.

by Anour Hannouch


yeah that is right! That is how it works in the UI.

Glad you found the solution!