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Account for shop equipment and furniture

door EchterIng

Hello there,


Which account is the right one for shop equipment and furniture? For example a shelf or the floor or lamps.




All the best,



door Mayron Beudeker

Dear Inge,


For shop equipment, you can use for example the account 4880 Algemene kosten (General costs). If you prefer more specification, you can also create a ledger account of your own. 


When the furniture has a value of more then 450 euro, then you can use the account 0240 Inventaris(Inventory). Besides that, it is then also recommended to create a fixed asses. More information about this you can find via this link.


If the value of the item is below 450 euro, dan you can also use for example 4880 Algemene kosten (General costs) unless you want to create a specific ledger account for registration of the costs.


I also recommend you to consult your accountant to make sure that the right choices are made.


Best Regards,

Met vriendelijke groet,

Mayron/Supportspecialist eAccounting
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