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"Payment by" - Bank day before due date

av RBeck (Oppdatert ‎23-09-2021 13:45 av Petter L Johansen VISMA )
Status: Ikke prioritert

For suppliers and on the supplier classes it would be great to have a "payment by" setting that is the first bank day before the due date.


Some of our suppliers are quite strict and if they use another bank they sometimes receive the payment a couple days late. In this case their system automatically generates reminder fees.


Having a setting ensuring payment 1 day before the due date would help timely payment as the system defaults to the due date. 

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av Petter L Johansen
Status changed to: Status: Ikke prioritert



This is already possible in the system. Second tab on the supplier you will find "Payment lead time". If you add 1 day here the payment day will be one day earlier than the due date. We do not have this setting in the classes.


Kind Regards

Petter Johansen

av RBeck (Oppdatert ‎24-09-2021 08:30 av RBeck )

Hi Petter,


Thank you for this information. I will test it out but would really love to see it on a class level. 


Kind regards,


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