A sneak peek into the future of EasyCruit

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UX and EasyCruit


The work on improving EasyCruit is ongoing and in this post you will get some insights to what is going on, but first a brief introduction to the author of this post. My name is Sandra Skogum and I have been working as a UX (user experience) Designer with EasyCruit for around one year. In short, my job is listening to users and improve the usability of the system according to the user’s needs. Working with UX in EasyCruit is as fun as it is challenging and at the moment a lot of focus is directed on improving the candidate management process.


A candidate management in change

Redesigning the entire candidate management process in EasyCruit is a major project and in order to manage it, the work needs to be divided into smaller steps where new ideas are created, tested and iterated before they are implemented in production. To ensure that new design and functionality really add value, users are continuously involved in providing feedback about what works or does not.

We are now in the first stage of redesigning the candidate management and the first version has the purpose to achieve three goals:

  1. Provide an easy overview of the candidates in a recruitment.
  2. Enable quick assessment of the information in a candidate application.
  3. Intuitive navigation between candidates.


Being able to go through applications in an easy and efficient way is crucial when quickly deciding how to proceed with candidates, and to clearly show and highlight the information that matters most to you is obviously of high importance.

The reason to limit the first version to only cover the information layout and navigation depends on the desire to evaluate each part separately and since the candidate overview and the applications are the essence to continuing working with the candidates, it is a natural start to begin with. Once the first version has been evaluated, the next part of the process will be investigated, new ideas and solutions will be tested, and then the work will continue iteratively until a completely new candidate management is in place.

In the video below, I will tell you more about and show a prototype of how a first version of the new information layout might look like, please take a look! Keep in mind that it is a limited version and that more functionality will be added step by step.

Make your voice heard

Do you have feedback or thoughts on how the candidate management could be improved to meet your needs? Do not hesitate to contact me at sandra.skogum@visma.com. Feedback from users is invaluable to create a new EasyCruit where the users' needs are supported to the best.



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