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Release notes 2019-06 - New candidate management

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A new way of viewing and evaluating your candidate applications is finally here! The aim of the release is to make the process of reading applications and doing the first evaluation as quick and simple as possible.

The first version has the purpose to achieve the following  goals:

  • Provide an easy overview of the candidates in a vacancy
  • Enable quick assessment of the information in a candidate application
  • Simplify the process of evaluating candidates in a visually clear way

In this first version, you will get two new layouts, one for the application list and one for the candidate application. In the application list, you will clearly see which candidates are new and also some information like contact details, status, and the evaluation mark. You will also have the ability to open the CV and Cover Letter in an overlay directly from the list!




In the candidate application view, the layout has been improved so that you get easy access to the most important information. We are excited to offer the possibility to get a preview of the CV and Cover Letter on-screen which makes it possible for you to read the content directly, of course, you will also be able to open the files in full screen if needed. It will no longer be needed to download files. 




Both the application list and the application view will be fully responsive which means you can easily read and evaluate applications on a tablet and mobile wherever you are.




If you have a lot of applicants, you will now be able to see them all on one page rather then a limited amount at a time. To add more applicants to the list, you simply have to click the "Load more" button at the bottom of the list.






The new application list also features a quick and handy way to filter your applications. By using the search box at the top of the list, you can filter on any of the columns visible and Visma EasyCruit will only list the applicants that match your search. E.G status or name.





If you only want to see your new applicants, you can easily toggle this by clicking on the number next to new on the top of the list. To bring all the candidates back, you just need to turn off the filter.



All of the columns are of course sortable so that you can order the applicants in the way that suits you.





We have also added a new way to quickly do the first evaluation of your candidates. When looking at their application, you will find a section called Evaluation at the top where you can add your first impression. This value will then be visible in the application list so you can find the candidates that you feel are most suitable for your role. Evaluating a candidate does not trigger an email it is for internal purposes only.




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