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Visma EasyCruit receives data privacy attestation

av Fredrika Demberg


We believe it is important to make sure that all the work we do is in line with leading international privacy regulations. Visma is pleased to offer our customers one of the first audit assurance reports; the ISAE 3000 type I, issued on June 16th 2020, made for compliance towards GDPR, in this case for the Visma EasyCruit product! 


GDPR art. 28 describes that a data controller (our customers) shall use only data processors (Visma) that give sufficient guarantees towards GDPR and the protection of the rights of the data subjects. An ISAE 3000 audit assurance report is the best guarantee that can be given within the choice of audit reports and ISO certificates.


Click here to read more about it on the Visma International Blog

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