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Skills management 2022-04 EN

25-03-2022 15:22 (Bijgewerkt op 01-04-2022)
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Skills management 2022-04 EN V3

Version 3 - 1 april 2022 -  in subject New filter discription we changed the text of paragraph Solution

Version 2: - 30 maart 2022 - Added: New filter description

Solved messages

Incomplete set of filters in Skills management (change #3291650)


In Skills Management an incomplete set of filters was available. Only Departments and Functions are presented.


From this release on we will present all filters the administrators have assigned for your organization.


No action is required.



Changed and improved

New filter description


Following a number of responses from users, it became apparent that there was a lack of clarity regarding the difference between the Trainings and Ad hoc Trainings filters. The existing filter Trainings only shows courses that come from the Learning management module. The new filter Ad hoc Trainings (release 2022-02) only shows courses that are added directly in Skills management (manual or import). 


To point out this distinction, we changed the filter name of Ad hoc Trainings to:

Trainings (added to Skills).