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report's first column locking

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In old Visma Severa interface, when checking hourly reports the first column was locked. This way when I was rewinding weeks I've always seen where these hours belong to.

In new interface the first column which show phases is not locked. Could you  repair that thing?first column.jpg

Best regards,

Patrycja Sekula

Project Assistant

+358 40 8782 511

Allstars Engineering Group

Vanha Tampereentie 187

FI-20380 Turku

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Hi Patrycja,

Thanks for the input. That's still a missing feature in new UI. We're looking into making the left-hand side first column and top rows sticky (applies to list reports as well), and it will eventually be improved.

Left-hand side column is now locked in analysis reports, like in old UI. Has been in production for a month or so, actually.