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Single Sign On / Active Directory for Visma products



we are using Visma Lønn, Business, Document Center, Expenses and Severa and its a pain for the user to authenticate everytime with different application users and passwords.

Is there a solution existing to connect MS AD/ ADFS / LDAP to all VISMA application and SaaS solutions? 

In another thread it was the meant to have it at the end of this year. Is the final release date?

Thanks in advanced



Sv: Single Sign On / Active Directory for Visma products

Hi Juergen,

I can understand the pain. There are several solutions to provide a better SSO experience for your Visma solution. There are som missing features on the roadmap to make it complete, but meanwhile you can do several improvements.


On the roadmap:

1. Visma Severa will soon get the same login as other Visma.net services as Expense, Approval etc. This  is planned before the end of the year. (the same for Visma Webfaktura)

Then you will at least have a common login for the cloud services you are using from us.


2. AD Federation with Visma.net login

This is planned for Q2 2018, work starting up in the beginning of the year.  Then you will get sync between the AD user and the Visma.net user.


For the on prem applications there are several ways to go. Visma Lønn has a Windows login as default, and the current Windows users will automatically be logged into Visma Lønn, if this users has access. No password is stored in Visma Lønn, but handled by Windows/AD. As far as I know you can do the same with Visma Business and Visma Document Center, even if the user administation is done i Visma Business.


Another solution is to activate VUD (Visma User Directory). VUD is a separate component (free) that gives you a common user administration tool across several Visma application as Visma Business, Lønn, Document Center and Reporting. There has been som issues with VUD, but with version 12.01 of the VB produktline we should be good to go. VUD supports both local users and AD integration. In VUD you can provide the user with different roles that gives the user access to the Visma applications that they need, on specific company level.


As a third topic on the roadmap we have a concept called "role center". With rolecenter we connect together both the cloud users and the on-prem users to administrate all users access (both on-prem and cloud) in a common web panel in Visma.net.


So most of the thing you want to achive should be possible to fix already now. For details about how to set it up you should contact a technical Visma Business consultant within your Visma parter. If your partner needs further assistence regarding VUD and the described scenarios, they will get the support and backup they need from us (Visma).


I guess we could provide an article on the Community (in the Visma Business area) about how this should be set up.


I hope this can be helpful.

Best regards,




Med vennlig hilsen,
Stian Estil/Product Director
Gi gjerne en "like" om du synes svaret var nyttig og Godta som løsning hvis jeg besvarte spørsmålet ditt. Dette hjelper andre i CommunitySmilefjes glad