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Re: API for payroll

Hello,   for now, there are no plans to add endpoints for that module. If you ha...

Re: Kundegruppe API

Hi, if you change the language to English i think it is called a label (Customer...

PCKasse integration

We get alot of questions regarding how to set up integration with PCKasse, our U...

Havneweb integration

Hi All,  i just called havneweb support and talked to one Ivar from there, he se...

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Authentication and endpoint request

This post is a rendition of the main DOCUMENTATION.   The eAccounting API exists on a sandbox server (https://eaccountingapi-sandbox.test.vismaonline...


Have you found a bug?! Send us an email (you can find our email by pressing the Support icon on the right side of this page)   Do you have a request?...

How to use oData functionality

oData functionality is used to modify the size and objects you receive in your response JSON, it could be to reduce the amount of unused information ...

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Visma eAccounting API

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