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API for payroll

Hi, Is there any API endpoints available to do the following things:- Create new...

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eAccounting API Foundation Training

We are pleased to introduce the eAccounting API foundation training that covers the following topics: User Interface trainingGetting started with API...



Have you found a bug?! Send us an email (contact information) Do you have a request?! Maybe you want us to add functionality, an endpoint or change s...


Updating the Opening Balance

Endpoint: PUT v2/fiscalyears/openingbalances   1. Usability The purpose of this endpoint is to allow the user to update its opening balances on ...

Send Autoinvoice with an attachement

The endpoint "v2/customerinvoicedrafts/{customerInvoiceDraftId}/convert" unfortunately does not support sending invoices as an Autoinvoice.   A workar...


Visma eAccounting API

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