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Visma eAccounting API
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We get alot of questions regarding how to set up integration with PCKasse, our UI support provided us with some info. that might help us. This is how you get a refresh token: Your vendor should configure the settings, after that you login with your credentials On the POS device, go to "Admin" Then press "Oppsett", then "Programinnstillinger" Choose the tab, called "Regnskap" In the window, called "Regnskapssystem login", press "Koble til eAccounting" Log in using your eAccounting credentials Make sure the correct boxes are crossed, and press "OK" A Token is now generated Contact the vendor and inform them that the integration is set up from your side, and they might have to do some more configuration from their side. Reference (for more info. contact your PCK vendor)
Hi All, i just called havneweb support and talked to one Ivar from there, he seemed very knowledgable and explained how to set up the connectivity between havneweb and eaccounting. The password is stored in cache in the browser, so if you recently changed password, havneweb will try to use the stored value from cache and fail. So what you have to do is delete cache/cookies etc., the go to havneweb and set up the integration: Grunninstillinger > Visma integrasjon > koble til visma And it should work! =) This post is based on what i understood, there could be something that i missunderstood or that will be changed in time, if that is the case, do not hesitate to call havneweb support.
@EricStromgren An endpoint with access to the bank transactions module
Watch this tutorial on POSTMAN;a free API client that will help you with testing endpoints.
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