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POST a purchase-receipt including lines as a single atomic cal

by Thomas Skjørten
Status: In backlog

From the API I want to be able to POST a new purchasereceipt where I can add a link to a purchaseorder, and include lines that contain information about the received item. For the item I want to send the ItemId, the number and allocation-information.

It is important that the function collects the item-information from the purchaseorder-line and not the item. Any additional information I provide in the POST for the item should overwrite the values from the purchaseorder-line.

The endpoint also need to create the links both ways between the purchaseorder-line and the receipt (both ways).

It is suggested to implement this as a new version of the POST PurchaseReceipt-endpoint.


In the existing endpoint we have the actions "AddPurchaseOrder" and "AddPurchaseOrderLine". We want to move away from this form of "multiple calls to perform a process" and have an atomic call to POST that handles the whole process of creating a purchasereceipt including lines.

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by Thomas Skjørten
Status changed to: Status: In backlog

This has been reported to development and will evaluated.