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Tilgang til reverser og bruk på nota via api'et

by Eva Alt
Status: In backlog


Ønsker at dere gjør funksjonen "reverser og bruk på nota" tilgjengelig i api'et. 

Slik det er nå må kundene manuelt matche kreditnotaen mot fakturaene når det krediteres via api'et.
Dette er veldig tidskrevende når det er snakk om mange kreditnotaer. 

by Magnus Johnsen
Status changed to: Status: New



As this forum is international, we would prefer if you would write your idea in english. 

Could you please provide some more information regarding you idea as well as some screenshots from the UI of the action you would like implemented?


Thank you. 

by Magnus Reintz - (Updated ‎26-10-2020 14:04 by Magnus Reintz - VISMA )

I'll help translate this one 🙂


When you send an invoice (AR301000) and you need to make a credit note, there's an option to create a credit note and match that credit note with the original invoice in order to close the invoice immediately. This option is available in the UI by clicking Actions -> Reverse and Apply to Memo:




When you need to do the same using the API, you're cut off at reversing the invoice, creating a credit note. However, you cannot use the credit note to close the invoice, using the API. There's a POST action/reverse but there is no POST action/reverse-and-apply-to-memo 🙂


When you are creating lots of invoices and credit notes in an integrated system, you end up having to match the credit notes with the invoices manually in We should definitely look into changing this in order to improve automation for our customers!

Jarle Skjennum
by Jarle Skjennum (Updated ‎28-10-2020 23:03 by Jarle Skjennum )

This opption is a need to have. It would save us a lot of time during a year.

by Thomas Skjørten
Status changed to: Status: In backlog

A case has been opened with the developers.

The progress of this case will be reported in this thread.

by Thomas Skjørten
Status changed to: Status: Accepted

This case has been accepted by the developers and will be implemented. The case is currently marked with high priority.