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Goodbye salesorder-endpoints, hello Sales Order Service

by Thomas Skjørten (Updated ‎11-05-2023 14:29 by Yıldırım VISMA )

Many of you have already seen, and some also started to use the new Sales Order Service API to create and get information about salesorders in Financials since we released the first version of the API in august of 2021. 


The new API is the first part of our strategy to separate the existing Financials API into smaller and more focused services for each part of the application.


The benefits of the new APIs are many. First of all the performance of the new APIs is on a whole different planet compared to the existing API, we see improvements of more than 20 times the performance when using the new API. The security of the new APIs are also significantly improved since we now use the Visma Connect authentication service for securing the access. The structure of the new APIs are also simpler to understand, and easier to program against.


Since the first release, we have been constantly improving and extending the functionality of the Sales Order Service API, and we will continue to do so at a rapid pace with multiple new releases every week. You can follow the release-notes here.  

Today the functionality of  getting and creating salesorders are complete enough that every integration should be able to switch to the new API. This is why we now have started to plan the removal of the salesorder endpoints in the existing Financials API. We know that changing all of your integrations, especially those using the important salesorder-endpoint are not a task that is done in a jiffy. So don’t worry, you still have time. In the current plan, we will start deprecating the old endpoints in 1st of June 2023

Update: Move of breaking change Due date for Sales order v1 and v2


But please do not wait too long, the API is ready to use, and we would really want you to start moving over your integrations as soon as you can and start taking advantage of the benefits.


We’ve created a guide for you on how to get started with the new API, have a look and get started today.


You’ll also find the documentation here.


Happy coding!


Information about breaking changes:

Planned removal of Sales Order API endpoints

A number of Sales Order API endpoints will be removed as a part of the transition to the next generation ERP.

The following API endpoints will be removed:
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/rotrut
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/commissions
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder

All functionality currently missing in the new Sales Order Service API will be added before these endpoints are removed. The list of affected endpoints will also be extended, so pay attention to future updates.

For more information on how to use the ERP Sales Order Service, please visit:

Swagger for
DEC 31, 2024