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Move of breaking change Due date for Sales order v1 and v2

by Joni Wolff

As announced previous, the original plan was to close specific sales order endpoints in v1 and v2 by 1st of June 2023.

This due date is now changed. We plan to be functional complete with Sales order API v3 by Q2-2024(30th of June 2024), thus new Due date being end of Q4-2024(31st of December 2024). If any change would occur for this, we will announce that as soon as possible.


The following API endpoints will be removed:
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/rotrut
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderType}/{orderNbr}/commissions
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorder/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderType}/{orderNbr}
GET /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic
PUT /controller/api/v1/salesorderbasic/{orderNbr}
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorderbasic
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/cancelSalesOrder
POST /controller/api/v2/salesorder/{salesOrderNumber}/action/reopenSalesOrder

All functionality currently missing in the new Sales Order Service API will be added before these endpoints are removed. The list of affected endpoints will also be extended, so pay attention to future updates.

For more information on how to use the ERP Sales Order Service, please visit:

Swagger for

by erik-kle

What about the new auth? Will that be enforced?

by Trygve Storrønningen1

We started to lift all customers to v3, also using the new auth. 
What expectations could we have to the stability in v3 till 30th June 2024 - how moving/breaking will it be?

Breaking changes in prod for customers... do the math...


I am really not certain what do to; roll all customers back to v2 and stay there till 30th June 2024, or take a chance and continue on v3.... Visma, what do you suggest...?

Joni Wolff
by Joni Wolff
Joni Wolff
by Joni Wolff (Updated ‎12-05-2023 11:53 by Joni Wolff PARTNER )

@Trygve Storrønningen1 "What expectations could we have to the stability in v3 till 30th June 2024 - how moving/breaking will it be?"

Could you clarify this a bit? Are you referring to the new date of 31st of December, if that might move?

If you are thinking of it v3 will be removed or made obsolete, that is not the case. We will continuously add more functionality to v3 until we have everything in place to cover the endpoints specified in v1/v2. The plan then being to be functional complete by Q2-2024.