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Release notes HR Core Business 2022-06 EN V2

19-05-2022 15:12 (Bijgewerkt op 23-05-2022)
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In this version

Changed in version 2

In this version we have added the following topic: Delay Youforce users extended (V3) has been fixed.


1.  Person layer check has been expanded


As of release 2022-06 there are two ways for checking the person layer. When the person layer is active, a UPI is assigned to employees who are characterized as a single person based on the social security number. This is the only unique key that can be used to determine whether an employee and a person are one and the same.

This way of checking is not useful where clients are concerned who do not register an employee’s social security number but do want a rehired employee to be linked to an existing person. That is why the person layer check has been expanded. 


Settings > Data exchange > HR links

The person layer is activated in the HR links screen. Refer to the online Help (through the Person layer topic) and previous release notes for more information about the process. 

When Person layer (NL) was selected at Link, the only option available for activating the person layer was Person layer active.
Now the Assign UPI field has been added that can be used to specify whether this should take place based on:

  • Social security number
  • Social security number, birth name and date of birth

Below follows an example.


  • A (new) employee is passed to HR Core through HR Self Service.
    As the person layer is active, the system first checks if a person is available with the same social security number as the entered employee.
    If there is, the link is made with the correct person (matching by social security number is always possible).
    If there is not, the system checks if the entered employee can be linked to a person based on initials+last name+date of birth

When initials+last name+date of birth are exactly the same and the social security number has not been specified for the person (either currently or on the start date of the entered employee), the link is made regardless of whether or not a social security number was known in the past. This process will be changed slightly as of release 2022-07 to ensure a link can be made more often. 

This check is case-sensitive. This means that initials+last name+date of birth must match the information on the ID exactly. If the notation is not the same, no link can be made. This may have negative consequences: an employee will be regarded as being new and will be passed on as such to other systems. 


  • If the organization has activated Person layer and there are few employees without a social security number, no action is required.
  • If the organization hires many temporary employees and independent entrepreneurs where registration of the social security number is not required, we recommend opting for the expanded check: Social security number, birth name and date of birth

2.  Delete definition button added to Level registry screen


Reports > Check > Level registry

The Level registry screen did not include a button for removing a report definition. As of release 2022-06 this screen includes the Delete definition button. When a definition has been removed, the message Definition deleted is displayed at the top of the screen. 


No action is required. 

3.  Modified email address of sender for Active signaling


Settings > Active signaling > Define signal

When active signaling was set to sending an email, an old Raet email address was used as the sender. 
As of release 2022-06 these emails are sent by sender No-Reply@visma.com.


No action is required.

Modified and Improved

4.  Collective leave processing report has been modified


The Collective leave processing report did not always specify the reasons for failure. This made it more difficult to determine whether collective leave had been processed for an employee.

As of release 2022-06 the processing report shows employees whose collective leave has not been processed and the reason why not.


No action is required.

Solved notifications

5. Delay Youforce users extended (V3) has been fixed


The Youforce users extended interface, also known as the V3 interface, provides specific data from HR Core Business to the YouForce Portal. Based on this information, usernames/users (R numbers) are usually created every two hours.

Due to the amount of data that this V3 interface has to process, there was sometimes a significant delay. This also caused a delay in delivering the data to the YouForce Portal, which can be disruptive to the underlying systems.


As of release 2022-06, we have made a change that significantly improves the performance of the V3 interface. This will prevent major delays.


No action is required.