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Release notes HR Core Business 2024-01 EN

20-12-2023 20:00
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Solved message

Remove GDPR - not all selected employees were removed (5378624)


Workflows > Outflow > Erase person data (GDPR)

Not all employees selected in the Erase personal data (GDPR) screen were actually removed. If an employee had lived partly abroad during his employment, the removal process did not go well.

When anonymizing the data, data such as zip code is converted into a non traceable zip code. However, this went wrong with the combination outside the Netherlands. The employee then no longer appeared in the list of employees to be selected, but was not removed.


We have solved this by writing the Country back to the Netherlands, so that anonymizing the zip code corresponds with the country again. As a result, this data will also be anonymized correctly and the employee will be deleted.


 No specific action is required. From this release onwards, the removal will still take place. For new situations as described above, removal will take place correctly from now on.


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