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Creditors are external and possibly internal companies and institutions with requirements for the employees of your company. These must be registered in the system in order to obtain an automatic deduction from the salary of the individual employee.
NAV Collection center/innkrevingssentral
Outlay - Legal offenses
Outlay - Claims by State enterprises
These creditors are not possible to change or delete.


To add new creditors, click the "Add" button on the right.

A new window opens and you need to fill in the following information:


Name: Enter a name for the creditor. The field is obligatory.

Bank account number: If it is to be paid automatically to the creditor, account number must be entered.

Overdue balance: If you tick off in this field, any negative balance will be transferred to the next period.

Type of deduction: All new creditors will get the Other category. This field is not possible to change. The field is used to categorize the creditors when linking the individual creditor and the deduction to the employee later.


Once the information on the creditor is stored, you will only see a line of some information about the creditor. To see all the information on the creditor, you can click the arrow to the right to expand the image.