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Disturbance domain APIs 13-1-2023

13-01-2023 13:24 (Bijgewerkt op 20-01-2023)
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Scope of issue:

All domain APIs (MLM, IAM, WFM, Recruiting, learning, Payroll, API for BI systems)


Description of situation:

Starting around 13th of Januray 2023 11:15, we have a production issue in our Service Gateway.
This causes that the connection for all domain APIs is down. The token to connect to the domain APIs cannot be created.
Also it is not possible to login the developer portal of YouServe (http://developers.youserve.nl).
We are analysing the issue with highest priority. We will keep you updated about the situation.


Update (13-1-2023 6:30pm): Around 6pm on 13th of January 2023, a solution was deployed to production. After deployment, the token to access the domain APIs was created again. Customers can retrieve data again in the endpoints of the domain APIs using the existing processes.


At the moment, the Visma YouServe developer portal (http://developers.youserve.nl) is not fully accessible yet. 

Users cannot login and options on APIs like "status page", "API library" (overview) and "Your Apps" are not available yet.

We are working on a solution to have all the functionalities available again.


Update (18-1-2023 8:30am): Visma YouServe developer portal is not fully accessible. Analysis and development of solution is ongoing. We expect the portal to be available again by the end of the week.


Update (20-1-2023 10:00am): Visma YouServe developer portal is fully accessible. Users can login, "Your Apps" and "API library" are available again. Only "API status" page is not yet available. We will continue to work on this last page, general disturbance message will be closed however.


First occurrence of issue:

13-1-2023, 11:15am



No connection can be setup to Domain APIs. Customers cannot receive data updates from HR Core Business using the domain APIs.


Issue solved:

13-1-2023, 6pm