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Functional disturbance MLM API and WFM API - multiple partial recovery.

06-04-2022 11:34 (Bijgewerkt op 06-04-2022)
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Scope of issue:

MLM API and WFM API, Endpoint: Sickleaves


Description of situation:

When a sick leave dossier contain multiple partial recoveries, then the partial recoveries of the same percentages are undoubled and reduced to only the latest partial recovery. This also includes the first sick leave time slice (100% sick). 



Sick leave in HR Core Business:

01-03-2022 100% sick

10-03-2022 75% sick

15-03-2022 50% sick

20-03-2022 100% sick

25-03-2022 50% sick

30-03-2022 25% sick


Results in the output of SickLeaves endpoint, PartialRecoveries  property during disturbance:

10-03-2022 75% sick

20-03-2022 100% sick

25-03-2022 50% sick

30-03-2022 25% sick


First occurrence of issue:

29-3-2022, 12:00



Not all partial recoveries are delivered in the PartialRecoveries property of the output in the MLM and WFM API, endpoint SickLeaves from 29-3-2022 (12pm) up till 6-4-2022 (10am). This only concerns sick leaves with multiple partial recoveries of same percentage. It only concerns the property PartialRecoveries.

To repair data output in the SickLeaves endpoint, we will reload all sick leave data from HRCore to the API platform. This repair takes place on the 6th of April 2022.


Issue solved: 6-4-2022, 10:00