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Expense adjustments after approval and Manual for Visma.Net Expense

av Anonymous

- We would like to be able to make adjustments after expenses been approved and wonder if this is possible? Example: A person approve an expense related to sports contribution of 6000 SEK but since their is a limit according to our policy and the tax authority the approval is not correct and our finance team would like to adjust this claim. 

- Is their a user manual for Visma expense? We are new to the system and are currently live but are struggling to understand the reporting functions and the possibility to do different settings. 






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av Susanne Neretnieks



- The approver is able to edit the expenses before they approve it. Once it is approved it is locked for further changes.

- If you click the (?) button inside Visma.net Expense there is an online help guide with documentation and links to videos. 


Kind regards, 


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