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Feature request - Comment applications

av Tobias Wallsten


I have some position with lots of applicants, and no memory. I would like to be able to write a comment for each applicant to be able to remember why I'm interested or not. Now I sometimes rejects but when I go back i'm not sure why.


If you considered this but have chosen not to implement it due to privacy/gdpr that would be good to know. If im just missing how its done please explain


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Ellen Snedal

av Ellen Snedal

Hi Tobias,

I understand your problem! Today you have the possibility to do this in the classic EasyCruit - if you see the number in the "Not." tab? (1) Clicking this will bring you to Add a note and you can see previous notes, that will be shown with the number of notes added.


You can also see all notes on the candidates details:


If it is only rejection reasons you want to comment, you can also add the reason for the rejection when you reject the candidate. Then you can also get the statistics at a later point, and you can see it in the same overview.


The possibility to take notes is also on the roadmap for the new candidate management.


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