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How to book gift cards?

door EchterIng (Bijgewerkt ‎06-11-2020 12:19 door EchterIng )



I sell physical goods and now also want to sell gift cards. The physical goods are either 21% or 9% btw.

The gift card is a digital product. The customer buys it for someone else. It's like prepaying for goods that are purchased at a later time.

At the time of purchase of the gift card, there is no way of knowing which btw percentage the products will have that are later bought with the card. And there can be a mix of products bought with one single card so it will be a mix of btw percentages.

When the gift card receiver uses the card, the order amount gets reduced. It might be that the whole order is paid by gift card so the order total will be 0. Which also means the btw amount is 0.


How to book the btw correctly?



door Remko Gerritsen
Regarding your other question about the way to book gift cards i would like to ask you to either contact support directly for this or to make use of one of the many Accountants who work with eAccounting.  https://nl.visma.com/eaccounting/zoek-een-accountant I'm not sure what region you are residing but in Den Haag we have Graichen financial who is a South African so he is perfectly capable to speak to you in English. https://www.graichen.nl/  To help you underway i would suggest you make use of a seprate ledger where you book your sales. (Name Gift cards: Type Kruisposten) Note this has to be done either in the cash or bank register. At the moment the gift card is used you make use of the giftcard account in the voucherlist against the preffered profitledger and apllicable VAT. I've this does no apply to your situation i would like to ask you to either contact Support or a Accountant directly.
Met vriendelijke groet,

Remko/Supportspecialist eAccounting
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door EchterIng

ok thanks, sounds good

I'll contact my accountant