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Sending orders from woocommerce to visma via zapier

door EchterIng

Zapier is recommended by visma for sending data from woocommerce to visma.


Currently it is not possible to create orders in visma with zapier because the articles in visma can only be retrieved via an internal number (only visible via the url, not even included in the article export) and not via the article number (see image below).


I have paid a lot of money for zapier and for the woocommerce plugin and spend many hours trying to set it up because this setup was recommended by visma.

I think visma and zapier should work together asap to get this problem resolved or visma should stop recommending zapier and all customers who have tried to use it should receive all their money back.




door Arnold Westra

Dear Ms Echtering,


i've send you an direct message regarding your question.

If the problem still exists could you please contact me.


Kind regards,


Arnold Westra


door EchterIng

Thanks for your response, Arnold.

There as an update in the interface and now it is possible to send orders to visma via zapier.


But those attempts often time out because visma is responding to slowly to zapier. Therefore I still have to do most of the bookings by hand. Do you know who can look into this?

door Arnold Westra

You're welcome,


I would like to suggest that we continue our conversation thru direct messages.


door Handelshage

Is there an instruction somewhere how to connect woocommerce - zapier - visma. I have a problem with creating an invoice draft in visma based on an order placed in woocommerce. I've been struggling with this for a few days now.

door Remko Gerritsen

Our advice to contact the integration-partner about the API - connection.

The forum is not a support channel for individual customer questions. Please contact our support department in future; thanks. 

Met vriendelijke groet,

Remko/Supportspecialist eAccounting
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