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Getting Started - complete step-by-step guide

15-02-2022 09:55 (Bijgewerkt op 15-02-2022)
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Getting started

Youforce has several API products available, every API covers a different use cases:

  • The IAM API is intended for identity & access management systems and enables the provisioning of users in other systems like Active Directory or IDP. 
  • The Learning API provides employee data that is relevant for applications in the learning, development, appraisal domain, etc.  
  • The SIVI API is for medical leave management systems in the Netherlands that handles sickness cases according to the Dutch law ‘Wet Poortwachter’
  • The File API allows you to download or upload files directly from Youforce.

In this way we help to achieve ‘purpose binding’ required to safeguard the privacy of employees and to comply with GDPR legislation. It furthermore allows us to tailor and grow the API supporting specific needs in that domain. 


So go to the API Library and select the API that is related to your use case.

Available data

Every API has a fixed dataset, the HRCore-fields that are available in the dataset are documented on the portal, look out for the page ‘datamapping’ to see the details of the dataset of that API and match that with your application.

API status

The status of an API is displayed using the following labels:

  • General: the API is available in production.
  • Controlled: the API is available, getting API keys takes some time.
  • Deprecated: the API is being phased out. We do not accept any new connections.
  • Concept: the API is currently under development, but you are welcome to take a look.

You can find more information here

Create an application for testing

You are able to create API keys for testing the API. This way you can test the authentication via OAUTH 2.0 and perform most GET-requests. The data that is shown in the response is test-data and not related to any customer. For production the API will work the same only the API keys will be different.


To use a Youforce API, you must register and create an account so you can login. An account is quick to set up and is free of charge. You only need your phone and company address to register.

To register and create an account:

  1. Click Create an account in the top of the portal
  2. Enter your details. (Please register with your company email).
  3. You will receive an SMS on your mobile to confirm.

The tab ‘Your Apps’ has the option ‘create new app’, you can select the API and the API keys will be published.

Support via Visma Developer Community

Developers can use the community via Slack to ask questions with

  • Visma developers that design and implement these APIs
  • Visma consultant that help to connect with customer environments
  • Other API consumers

Consultancy support

You can ask for extra consultancy support by creating a request via 'Service Plein', this is available in the Youforce-platform of the customer you are connecting. It helps us when the request has some details about the topics which require support. We expect that the general information about the API and the relevant documentation via the API library is noted.

Getting Production API keys

API keys with access to the employee data will be made available after contacting the sales contact person or the Customer Success Manager.


Visma|Raet will share the API keys via the developer portal, so it helps when an account is already available and shared with the Visma|Raet contact person. An e-mail will be sent to the account email address when the API keys are created. We only share API keys with an account that is related to the customer. 


After login, you can go to ‘Your Apps’ and see all applications you have access to.

Visma|Raet Partner program for software vendors

As a software vendor you can become a partner of Visma|Raet, please check the ‘become a partner’ part of the portal. It is not mandatory to become a partner to make use of the API.

We would like it because we have an onboarding partner program that will result in a certified connection and we will share the API keys directly with you. You can use the ‘Please contact..’-form to have contact about this partnership. For more information about the API itself you can use the community or ask for extra consultancy support.


If you are not partner, we will share the API keys with an account that is related to the customer and a request is needed for consultancy support.