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Office Travel App - Visma|Raet Learning API

23-12-2021 15:40
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This document describes the ‘Office Travel App - Visma Raet Learning API’ - connector. This connector has been built on top of the Visma Raet Learning API.


With the Office Travel App an employee can easily register their work related travel movements. The web application collects those travel movements each month, checks the data and sends it to the payroll administration for further processing. Companies can use this web application to reduce the administrative tasks for employees and take control as an employer over the travel expenses of their organisation.


You can experience the benefits of the Office Travel App your self by requesting without obligation a (online) demo: https://www.vismaraet.nl/hrm-software/travel-app-demo/

The following fields are used by the Office Travel App connector, required fields are highlighted in bold. Fields described as Unique are unique within their entity and tenant.


Field connector API Endpoint API attribute HRCore Online Functional description
personCode Employees personCode P01001 - Persoonsnummer Unique person identifier of employee
personId Employees personId P01001 - Persoonsnummer Unique technical key of the employee
UserUID Employees UserUID Ping ID portal Unique user identifier of the user from the Youforce portal used in the Youforce authentication system


Connector details

Each month Office Travel App does a full-load on the described endpoints and detects changes on their side, they are only interested in actual data. Every employee needs to comply with the required fields (highlighted in bold) when this is not met the employee will be ignored and not processed. To ensure proper working of the connector the required fields need to be properly configured in the Youforce customer setup. Employees which have been discharged will be ignored and no longer processed by Office Travel App. Employees which have been discharged (>14 days) will be ignored and no longer processed by Office Travel App.


Filter applications 

HR Core Online enables filtering on the field ‘Employment type’ (P01102). By default, no filter is applied and any required filters need to be requested through a service desk ticket