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SIVI endpoints and concepts

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Swagger documentation

The following swagger pages gives an overview of the endpoint:


Endpoint Verzuimmeldingen

The endpoint /verzuimmeldingen will return all generated sick leave messages within a specific tenant / client; strictly corresponded with the Dutch standard of sivi.org. The structure of the XML message is fully in line with the XSD version of Verzuimmelding 2020. Currently we’re not able to return every single field with values.
For a detailed data mapping overview, click here.


Full load : GET /verzuimmeldingen
To fetch the total list of messages corresponding to a client number the endpoint Verzuimmeldingen can be used without using any additional (filter) parameters.

Incremental load : GET /verzuimmeldingen?ChangedAfter=20210402&ChangedUntil=20210404

By executing the parameters ChangedAfter - ChangedUntil the API will only expose the available SIVI messages within the specified timerange.
In the below example an API consumer would like to retrieve only the messages between the 2nd of April 2021 and 4th of April 2021.


Example date-time format :
changedAfter - 2020-08-21T00:00:00.000Z
changedUntil - 2020-08-21T12:01:46.077Z


A table with all the corresponding property mappings for the Verzuimmeldingen endpoint can be found here.

Pagination of the result set

To reduce the load of an endpoint each endpoint supports paging. In case the results of an endpoint contain more than 100 records, the results set will end with a ‘nextLink tag’. The nextLink indicates that there are more pages to load. If there is no nextLink at the end of the page, this means that it’s the last page of the result set.