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Functional description

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API for BI systems is already stated an API within the process to retrieve the CSV files. It is an File transfer API. This article is gonna explain from a functional perspective regards the files themselves.



Within HR Core Business application the consultant on request can configure your specific needs, so that the files transported contains all relevant data based on entity level. 


Time slices or Actual data
With our API for BI business product we have two different content files. Depending on your choice you get one of those types
  • Timelines 
    • If history data is necessary you select for the timelines option.
      • History data of max 4 years are made available
      • Start and end date is mentioned for the whole slice of the selected elements 
      • Whenever there is a change in the selected fields a new time slice is created with a start and end date
    • Actual data
      • This file contains only actual data that is active on moment of creation of the file.
      • Selected fields have their own start and end date.

Escaping within CSV file

- escape double quote character " to "" (two times double quote)
- enclose the whole field value with double quote character " in these cases:
   -- escaping of double quote occurred
   -- field contains delimiter (character | in our case)
   -- field starts or ends with a whitespace character
   -- field contains newline (any of CR LF characters)
field one|"escaped field due to character "" present"|field three|"field with | pipe character"|"  leading and trailing whitespaces  "|no whitespaces
ParentID and ID collumns

These files contain 2 major components, that is the ID and ParentID collumn. 


See the attachment in the model of all keyellements page there you can find the key elements (Entities) with their respective ParentID. This knowledge is necessary for knowing the relations between the key elements (Entities).

The name of the files regardless of which language you select in the API retrieval it will use the name of which is configurated.