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Project owner's email available in XML feed

av Fredrika Demberg

EasyCruit now offers the ability to include the email and ID of the project owner in the XML feeds that are created. Each channel can be configured individually to include this information so that you can control for which channels this information is exposed.

If this is activated for a channel you will notice an information icon next to that channel. Clicking this icon will highlight that publishing to this channel will also include the project owner's email and ID in the feed.



If you choose to publish to a channel which utilises this feature and the owner of the project does not have an email configured on their account, you will get an information text highlighting this fact.


Please note that you will still be able to continue with the publication but any resource that makes use of this information might not work correctly.

If you are interested in adding this information to any of your XML feeds, please contact us and we will help you set it up.

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