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27-11-2019 13:07 (Bijgewerkt op 28-01-2022)
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Modified and Improved

Show a message to users without a contract


Currently, Home does not support users without a contract. If a user logs into Home without a contract, they see a loading spinner without any content. We also received remarks from customers that they were unaware that we do not support users without a contract.


During the login process, we identify whether a user has a contract or not. In cases where the user does not have a contract, the user will see the message below and will be redirected to Youforce.

Note: The message that will be in English, as we cannot determine the user's preferred language if they have no contract.

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Solved changes

Broken link in footer


If a user whose language is set to English clicks on the 'Responsible disclosure policy' footer link on any of the pages, they were redirected to a broken URL.


After clicking the footer link the users are now redirected to the correct page.

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Publishing Date : 11/27/2019