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25-02-2020 16:11 (Bijgewerkt op 28-01-2022)
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Configure your favorite Self Service workflows in the Self Service card


The current Self Service card on the Home landing page only shows the total number of workflows the user is authorized to view. We have enhanced this card to provide you with greater flexibility.  You can now configure your favorite/most used workflows in the card. You can then navigate directly to your favorite Self Service workflows by clicking on them.


In the existing Self Service card, we have introduced a new option called 'Edit favorites'. This option enables you to select up to 4 workflows that will then be shown in the card. Depending on your role, you can select up to 4 managerial or employee workflows as favorites.
Please find the steps to configure your favorite workflows below:

By default, in the enhanced Self Service card you will find the message Click on this card's menu to add up to 4 shortcuts to your most used HR processes as shown below. This message replaces the total number of workflows, which was shown prior to this release.

After this, click on the ellipsis option, which allows you to select your favorite workflows.

When you click on the 'Edit favorites' option, a dialog will open and show your authorized workflows in Self Service. Depending on your role, these can be managerial and/or employee workflows, sorted by workflow name. In the dialog header, we also show the number of workflows you can select and how many are selected. Per workflow, we present the workflow name and, depending on your role, managerial or personal workflows, along with your contact number.

You can select up to 4 workflows by clicking on them.

Click on 'Done' when ready. From now on, the workflows you selected will be presented in the Self Service card.

You can then navigate to your favorite workflows in Self Service simply by clicking on the workflow name.

At any point in time, you can go back and select other workflows by clicking on the 'Edit favorites' option.

Note: Authorized workflows are determined in Self Service. If permission to view a workflow is removed, it will automatically be removed from the Self Service card even if you have selected it as a favorite.

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Select your favorite workflows in the Self Service card.

Publishing Date : 2/25/2020