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How do I register payment of accumulated overtime?

03-07-2019 15:09
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1. If the employee have registered accumulated overtime, but does not wish to take time off, the employee can get paid their accumulated overtime. How much overtime the employee has can be seen on the right side in the calender, under the banner balances and overtime.

overtime 100%.PNG

2. As manager click on the circle with three dots, on the right side of balances. When you click on this button you will get two options, Change time balances and Payout saved overtime. Choose Payout saved overtime. 

overtime payout'.PNG

3. In this box you can chose how many hours you wish to convert from accumulated overtime to payout. Once you are happy with the amount of hours to convert, click Convert.

payoput moineye.PNG

4. The calendar will now include the following window with Payout saved overtime.



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