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How to adjust or change registered hours/absences?

03-07-2019 15:14
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1. When you register hours or absences and send these for approval, an orange line will occur in the Calendar. This line indicates that you have sent a request for approval to your employer. If you wish to change or adjust these hours/absences that you have sent to approval, you have to revoke the approval request. 

Bilde nr 1.PNG

2. Let's say that you wish to change a registration back four days in time, select that date on the orange line. Once this is done, the same menu that you used to register this time sheet will show. In this window you still have to click Confirm until, but make sure that the date is changed back a few days, so that you can make your changes. 

bilde nr 2.PNG

3. The calendar should now be updated automatically and the orange line should be removed from the days after the day you selected. You can make changes on these days and change codes for them, with for example sickness, absences or overtime etc. Thereafter, click Save.

bilde nr 3.PNG

4. When you have completed the changes you wish to do, click on the last day that is registered with something in the calendar and click Confirm until, and these days will be sent to approval again.

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