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03-07-2019 15:13
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If the case is that you are a brand new user of Visma.net Expense and have never been signed in before, you should have received an email with the following message activate your user. This mail has the title Welcome to Visma.net. 


sample 1.PNG


Click on the button Click here(Klikk her) to activate your new account and a new window will pop up in your browser, which gives you the following message(Account activated):




Additionally, there will be sent another email with information about creating a new password.


nytt passord.PNG


Click on the button create new password and create a password to your own preference. Be aware that the password has a variety of criteria, to length, no spaces etc. All of these criteria has to be fulfilled to create the new password. 

Nytt passord 2.PNG


A confirmation window will pop up once you have successfully created a new password, and you can now sign in with your new password and username. 

Done passord.PNG


Click here to get started with Visma.net Expense. 

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