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Business ERP Version and Integration between GraphQL and ERP

by David Tandberg-Johansen



Sorry to ask this if it is public knowledge, but we are experience some strange situation in the Business ERP and with GraphQL request, that look like excact like we experience with Visma Business and VBS.


Is there a way for us to see which version of Business the ERP is running (

Does the GraphQL API and the Busines ERP rely on VBS to interact with the database?


by Marius Bancila

Yes, VBus is the backend for BNXT and GraphQL is sending VBS requests to it. Therefore, it is possible that what you suspect is correct.

But no, you cannot see what version is running. 

Thank you for clearifying this.


Could you inform me which version of VBUS that BNXTT are running on now?


Since I found this issue with BNXT/VBUS/VBS, where should I report this?


@David Tandberg-Johansen Sorry, "Accept as Solution" is pretty close to "Reply"😬
The current backend version is 18.10.something. Not necessarily a version available for VB. 
If the issue is related to the BNXT API, feel free to report it here, and we'll investigate. 
If it is more of a VBS-related issue, the Developer forum for VB is the correct channel. 
If you think it's an application-issue on VB/BNXT, it should be registered as a ticket to support in the Partner portal