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Fetching open invoices at a given point in time

by ingridspwc



I need to get a list of customer entries / invoices (AR/AP) that were open at a given point in time.


I’ve tried to do this using the openCustomerEntry (or openSupplierEntry) type, but I don’t think it has information about when the customerEntry was closed. It does have the paidStatus field, but I’m assuming that gives the paidStatus today and not at the requested date.


Has anyone done this, or does anyone have any tips on how it can be done?


by David Tandberg-Johansen

I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think you can query the customerTransactions by voucherType(11) and date, and also use the paidstatus (1 or 2). The customerTransaction, is by what I understand, get rows for each action for the invoice happens. The openCustomerEntries  only shows which invoices that are open NOW


Hi @David Tandberg-Johansen, thank you for the link. I have read through the thread, however I don’t think it answers my question.


What I need is to get a list of invoices that had not been paid at a provided date. These invoices may be paid today.

For example I might ask for invoices that were unpaid on 01.08.2023. These invoices might be paid today, and if I understand things correctly, the paidStatus will now be set to paid (3 or 4?) even if it was unpaid (1 or 2?) in August so filtering on this alone will not work.


Is there a field in e.g. customerTransactions or openCustomerEntries that could help with this?