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Glen Nordskog_Exsitec

How does one add Payroll Beta scopes to an application on Visma Developer Portal

by Glen Nordskog_Exsitec (Updated ‎09-11-2022 11:18 by Glen Nordskog_Exsitec )

I'm trying to add beta functionality to our Payroll Library, but cant associate any of the beta scopes with my application on the developer portal.


PayrollAPI on Developer Portal only lists the v1 scopes.

If I click "New Integration" and select my application:

New integration
You have selected application <...> to integrate with API Payroll Norway API.
There are no more scopes available for new integrations at the moment.
This may happen in the following situations:
Your application could already be integrated with all the scopes associated with the API
The API has scopes that do not allow system to system integrations.


Similarly, if I go to "My Applications"

and click on my application -> Integrations -> Payroll Norway API

There is a list of all the v1 scopes and the following message:


This API has no scopes left for a new integration. 


If I try to use beta endpoints (e.g. /beta/query/accumulators) without adding the required scope to my application, I obviously get back a 403



    "title": "Forbidden",
    "status": 403,
    "detail": "Missing required scope 'payrollno_beta:accumulators:read'"



If I try to request a token from Connect with the listed scope (without having it associated with my application), I get back a 400



    "error": "invalid_scope"



EDIT: On the Visma App Store, the application has been given all of the available Payroll scopes.

Beta scopes are not listed there.




In closing, I guess the question is:


Can we use beta endpoints at all? If so, how?