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No joinup_PickList on OrderDocument ??

by AndreasDevDotNet

Hi, why is there no joinup for PickList on OrderDocument ?

OrderDocument has the PickListNo so it should have a joinup to PickList in my opinion.




by Øyvind Årseth

@omelhus @AndreasDevDotNet In general, all wishes for Business NXT should be registered in the product portal for further evaluation. 
Strictly API-related topics are handled in this forum, while core/model-related issues should be in the product portal for a wider audience. 

by Marius Bancila

The BNXT GraphQL schema is dynamically built from the data model. I have checked the model manually, and there is no relation defined from OrderDocument to PickList. Therefore, we can't define such a joinup in the schema.


I'm not arguing that you are wrong on your assumption, maybe it's been overlooked. But I am not experienced with the business model here to tell you more.


by omelhus

Should we have a way to report these kind of core issues? Are these a better fit for the main Business forum? I think we should have a way to report and follow up on core issues as well.