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Packingslip level 3

by danielboylan


Some of our customers are interested in sending packing slip level 3. To do this we need a SSCC(Serial Shipping Container Code). Does this code exist in vbnxt? If not, is it planned to add it at some point?


by SvenTore


As far as I know Business OnPrem or NXT can not generate an SSCC kode, and have no plans to do so. Once you need to split lines into more than one pallet/package the order/line model does not really support that. Few (/none?) ERP systems in similar class supports this, as the feature typically belongs in a WMS or TA system.

For the simplest solutions you could use a TA system (like Axia Frakt, Logistra, nShift) to generate the SSCC and get it from that system. This only works as long as you have 1 package = 1 order. As soon at you need to have multiple pallets and maybe split one product on more that one pallet you usually want another system for that. 

Then the commersial: BxLogistics Pro support this ASN3 with an addon. Can generate the SSCC, split picking lines between pallets, report SSCC and alle details back to NXT, write packing slips per pallet, print SSCC labels and generate the file needed for the customer (or just report back to NXT and let some other integration send the data).

There are other WMS systems that also handles this and I think at least two now support NXT