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groupBy stopped working again

by KimLyngtoft

It looks like the recently released groupBy functionality stopped working?. ( )

It was working fine on Friday, but has stopped working and now just gives 

"Unknown argument 'groupBy' on field 'order' of type 'Query_UseCompany'." when running the example query from the documentation.


Accepted solution
Arnstein By

by Arnstein By

Hi @KimLyngtoft, unfortunately we had to roll back our GraphQL service to an earlier version last Friday because of a problem, that is the reason groupBy is not working at the moment. We will deploy this functionality again on Thursday morning (January 25th) at the latest.

Hi @Arnstein By ,

Equal to this has happen a lot lately, and we discover this by either experience the error by our self, or it pops up as new thread her in the forum.


Are there any website we can follow that gives us this information?


I know about the site, but it seems you have som issues that not are qualifying to be reaised on the status site. So is there a website to follow? Or could you publish the issues you find and fix, so we can follow up our customers in a better manner.

Arnstein By

Hi @David Tandberg-Johansen,

You are right, we have had a few issues lately with GraphQL that do not really qualify as incidents (and hence we should not inform about them in, since they were bugs in our application that affected a few customers. At the moment we do not have a web site dedicated to this purpose, so I think we could be better at informing here in the forum.

We are focusing on improving the quality of our application and hopefully there won't be too much to inform about going forward.